I recently posted a blog that basicly said that everybody life is a story and that it needs to be told. As a christian and a pastor I am mostly interested in the story of how Christ has changed your life. I have recieved many wonderful stories from people of different ages and backgrounds. It is wonderful to see how God has worked in their lives.

I have also realized that in addition to many people thinking their story would not interest anyone else there are many who want to tell their stories and just have no idea how to start. Here are some questions to get you started.

1. Where were you before Jesus? Not all the gory details, we don’t want to glorify Satan and Sin, but what were you? How did you think? How did you live? What were your goals and desires?

2. Where did Jesus find you? How did He get your attention? What or whom did He use to influence you?

3. How did your life change immediately? In almost every Christian I talk to somethings changed immediately after their salvation experience. Ex; I went home the night I accepted Christ and poured out all the liquor in my house and have never drank alcohol since. That doesn’t make me special but it was one thing that Christ changed when He moved into my life.

4.How has He changed your life since then?

5. Have there been any outstanding happenings in your life since you were saved where God really made the difference?

Maybe these will help you tell your story. I would really like to hear from you. Send me your story to baptistpreacher56@comcast.net   If you have ideas on how to improve this blog I am just starting out and would appreciate your ideas.

Your story is the story of God’s investment in you. It is valuable. Tell it!

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