WOW! It’s been a busy week. But it’s been a good busy. I don’t mind busy when I can see progress from the business. We had a wedding this week at our church. Planning, preparing, praying and our people worked so hard to get everything ready and then clean it up and get it ready for church tomorrow.

In the midst of all this business the Lord gave me a thought about marriage. It’s nothing new or original but it may seem earth shattering to some of you. Our society has lost the meaning of marriage and the value of marriage for the most part. Marriage has become fast food, have it your way, toss it when you’re done.

Well here’s my thought: The Bible says marriage is a picture of the relationship between Christ and His bride, the Church. As the church is subject to Christ, the wife is to be subject to her husband. As Christ loved the Church and gave himself for it, the husband is to love his wife and give himself for her. That being said:

MARRIAGE SHOULD BE AN ETERNAL RELATIONSHIP. The relationship between Christ and the Church is eternal and marriage should be as the scripture teaches till death do us part. Marriage is not and never has been a temporary arrangement. What God hath joined let not man put asunder.

MARRIAGE SHOULD BE AN EDIFYING RELATIONSHIP. The word edify means to strengthen or to build up. The relationship between Christ and the believer strengthens the believer and builds them up into the person they were created to be. Marriage with God in the center builds up and strengthens all involved. The longer the couple are together the stronger they become and the more equipped to handle the storms of life they will be.

MARRIAGE SHOULD BE AN ENJOYABLE RELATIONSHIP. The Christian life is the most enjoyable life thee is. I have had more fun as a Christian by accident than I ever had as a lost man. I can also say that I have enjoyed the last 29 1/2 years of marriage with the greatest woman I know. We have FUN. You see TRUTH is if you let God guide and do marriage the Bible way it is absolutely a blast!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Denny Miller. Thank you both for following the Lord and doing the right thing!

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  1. blynk107 says:

    Any who would, should check out This Momentary Marriage by John Piper…he extends this message into all of our relationships and gives a great argument against divorce grounded in this same teaching…

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