It’s OK Mommy

Here is a post I read of a Mom dealing with leaving her children at school this morning. She gave me permission to repost. Feel free to send me your story. Please continue pray for the families in Ct. and pray for America.

They were singing “I’m Mr. Heat Miser & Mr. Snow Miser”. There was excitement in the car as they had their gifts to give teachers today. I silently thanked God for this normal morning…I’m not thinking about who my babies were…I’m not thinking about moments that were stolen out of my hands…I’m not planning funerals… I pulled up to the school and in front of the door there was a State Trooper. My heart constricted with fear, but not my girls. Meredith said in her best Dora The Explorer voice “he’s here so we can be safe.” She knows nothing of last Fridays events. Tears cascade down my cheeks & my senior citizen child (Ansley) who does know of the horrific occurrences squeezed my hand & said “it’s ok Mama, we’re ok.” I said goodbye & I love you. They went into school, bathed in prayer. I drove over to the trooper & asked “is everything ok?” I’m sure my tear stained face gave him the inclination that worry & panic have set in. He replied “yes ma’am, I just have babies here too.” I pray for protection for all of our babies. I pray for the courage that those teachers in Connecticut had for our teachers & officers. I pray for comfort that only a Savior can give for those parents & family members. I pray for America. I pray….
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